Public release date: 5-jun-2011 [ | e-mail | share ] contact: aaron lohr alohr@endo-society. cheap viagra uk delivery Org 240-482-1380 the endocrine society weight loss after gastric bypass surgery reduces expression of alzheimer's genes obesity is a risk factor for alzheimer's disease, but weight loss due to bariatric surgery may reduce the risk of this common dementia, a new study suggests. online viagra canada pharmacy The results will be presented sunday at the endocrine society's 93rd annual meeting in boston. Generic viagra 50mg online "our study shows for the first time that weight loss resulting from bariatric surgery leads to a reduction in the expression of genes related to alzheimer's disease," said the study's main author, paresh dandona, md, phd, professor at state university of new york (suny) at buffalo. can i get viagra over the counter Past research has shown that obesity and type 2 diabetes increase the chance of getting alzheimer's disease. In this study, 15 morbidly obese patients with type 2 diabetes had roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery and lost nearly 86 pounds, on average, over six months. no rx viagra cheap The patients gave blood samples before surgery and six months later. where to buy viagra Dandona and co-workers recently found that white blood cells in the circulating blood, called peripheral blood mononuclear cells, express amyloid precursor protein. viagra history development This app is the precursor of beta-amyloid, protein pieces that form plaques in the brain, one of the key brain abnormalities in alzheimer's disease. generic drug for viagra In this study, the researchers measured the expression of app, and it fell by 22 percent after weight loss. viagra history development Expression of the messenger rna that carries genetic information for app decreased by an average of 31 percent, the data showed. How long before viagra takes effect After weight loss there also was reduced expression in other genes related to risk of alzheimer's disease, according to the authors. viagra vs viagra performance They included the presenilin-2 gene, which mediates the conversion of app into beta-amyloid. online pharmacy viagra Also reduced in expression was the gene for an enzyme known as glycogen synthase kinase-3-beta (gsk-3-beta), which phosphorylates, or abnormally modifies, tau protein to form the neurofibrillary tangles in the brains of people with alzheimer's disease. uk viagra sales online Tangles are a main suspect in the death of nerve cells in this disease. Buy cheap viagra online usa Dandona said that their clinical study cannot prove that these effects are also occurring in the brain. buy viagra usa If it is true, he said, "this may have implications for the treatment of alzheimer's disease. viagra history development " "it is relevant that cognitive function has previously been shown to improve with weight loss following bariatric surgery," dandona said. female viagra experiences Also, inflammation is another brain abnormality seen in alzheimer. generic viagra pills cheap viagra without prescription usa
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